Crisis Averted! Sriracha to Make Its Triumphant Return This Month


Photo credit: Tumblr

Hallelujah! The Great Sriracha Crisis of 2014 has been averted—producer Huy Fong Foods will resume shipments of the spicy stuff later this month.

The distribution shutdown was in compliance with a court order that halted production for 30 days starting back in December of last year. During the last month, California Department of Health investigators apparently made sure that the sauce was "free of harmful microorganisms." (Residents of Los Angeles suburb Irwindale had claimed to be suffering from respiratory issues stemming from chile fumes released by the plant.)

So do a little happy dance. Drizzle some sriracha on your eggs. Give praise to the fiery chile gods who have mercifully spared this miraculous condiment.

And, you know, the California Department of Health.

[via FoodBeast]