‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Beg Matthew Gray Gubler for More Information After Seeing His Latest Instagram

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Matthew Gray Gubler Posts Shocking Book News on IGToni Anne Barson - Getty Images

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In typical Matthew Gray Gubler fashion, he's always one to surprise his fans when promoting a new project. But the way he's doing his latest venture has fans stopping in their tracks.

Ahead of the September 26 release of his new book The Little Kid With the Big Green Hand, the Criminal Minds alum showed off the unique way he's advertising the project. Posting a video driving a green VW Beetle with a giant hand attached to the roof on Instagram, Matthew revealed his plans to travel across the United States on what he called the "Big Green Hand Tour." As he explained in the caption of the 20-second clip, he's going on a cross-country road trip so he can personally give copies of his upcoming title to his loyal fanbase.

"I’m hand delivering my book across America," he excitedly wrote on September 10. "Honk if you love books! 🧤."

Naturally, his latest venture caught the attention of his former co-stars Kirsten Vangsness and Paget Brewster on Instagram. "Of COURSE you did this. ❤️," Kirsten exclaimed. "Luvin Youuuuuu!!!" Paget eagerly replied.

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'The Little Kid With the Big Green Hand'


They weren't the only ones thrilled about the Alvin and the Chipmunks star's impending book release. Matthew's followers were ecstatic by the news and immediately rushed to the comments, with many ask him to drop dates and towns ASAP.

"Dates please, I am literally begging you. Stay safe and have fun!! 💚," one person wrote on Instagram. "This is brilliant and beautiful. You are amazing ❤️," a different follower rejoiced. "Google, how do you virtually honk," another added.

While the 68 Kill actor hasn't revealed the exact locations he plans on stopping throughout the trip, a map he drew in the snippet seemingly indicates he'll be delivering books all over the country. As for what he plans on doing once he's done with his journey, he may just surprise us once again. Perhaps a new Gublerween video is in our midst...

Oh, and if you're one of the fans dying to know about his sandals, he's wearing red Birkenstocks, you can find them on Amazon for $50. There's also a very similar version for $20 on Amazon.

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