Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis with These DIY Stock Tank Pool Ideas

stock tank pool ideas
Keep Cool with These DIY Stock Tank Pool IdeasDesigner Mum Etc.

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No pool? No problem! Bring the vacation to your very own backyard this summer by trying one of these stock tank pool ideas. Each one of these clever and creative projects starts with a stock tank (a large, galvanized metal trough originally designed for livestock water storage) and transforms it into an above-ground pool that's useful, stylish, and best of all, budget-friendly.

We know what you're thinking: How attractive can a livestock water storage tank really be? First of all, it will fit in among your patio décor and pretty landscaping, but even if you don't love the look of these metal tanks, not to worry. We've got plenty of inspiration for how to dress them up to your liking, whether you paint them, build a decorative fence around them, or surround them with a garden of gorgeous summer flowers. There's even a tutorial for how to turn your pool into a hot tub so you can truly use it all year round. Once you've got your plunge pool up and running, it's time to invite your friends and family over for the first of many pool parties to come. Talk about making a splash this summer!

Add a Bamboo Fence

Not everyone loves the look of stock tanks. You can cover any unsightliness with bamboo fencing while also adding some style to your pool setup.

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stock tank pool ideas bamboo fence

Paint It a Bright Color

Another option is painting your stock tank pool. Choose a color that's bright, like this sunny yellow, for a much-needed pop of color in your backyard.

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stock tank pool ideas paint it yellow

Paint a Mural Backdrop

Maybe you wish your stock pool had a more beautiful backdrop, like the ocean or mountains. Make it happen (kinda-sorta, anyway) by painting a pretty mural on any surface behind your pool. Jenna Hazel of Hazel Haus freehanded this one, and we absolutely love it!

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stock tank pool ideas mural
Hazel Haus

Plant a Beautiful Garden

Got a green thumb? Surround your stock tank pool with beautiful blooms and greenery like Belle of Designer Mum Etc. did. A pergola with string lights makes this space even more magical.

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stock tank pool ideas garden
Designer Mum Etc.

Paint Some Stripes

You don't have to paint your pool a solid color. Take a cue from Danielle Dunn of Crafty Gal Confessions and add some fun stripes, instead.

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stock tank pool ideas painted stripes
Danielle Dunn

Build a Deck Around Your Pool

A good stock tank pool is worth building your backyard—and your deck—around. With a setup like this one, you can go from sunbathing to taking a dip in just a few steps!

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stock tank pool ideas built in deck
Stoneway Swim Club

Add a Privacy Screen

If you have a big backyard, create a more defined space for your stock tank pool by adding a privacy screen. This trendy wood slat one was made for less than $150 and in just a few hours.

See more at @hannahcat10.

stock tank pool ideas privacy screen
Hannah Reesor

Add Stenciled Stepping Stones

Create a cute little pathway to your stock tank pool area by adding DIY stenciled stepping stones. (And don't even get us started on how adorable this "Just keep swimming" sign is!)

See more at holly_valdivia.

stock tank pool ideas stenciled stepping stones
Holly Valdivia

Heat Things Up

To get the most use out of your stock tank, look to the folks over at Harvey House, who transformed their pool into a hot tub with a little help from a pool heater. All we can say is, 👏👏👏!

See more at Harvey House.

stock tank pool ideas hot tub
Harvey House Austin

Decorate It for the Holidays

Want to give your stock tank pool a makeover? Erin Barrett of Sunwoven paints hers a different color almost every year. She tried out this fun orange hue for Halloween, paired with black and white striped accents throughout her outdoor space. We love how festive it is!

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stock tank pool ideas decorate holidays

Build a Bench

Pool party, anyone? All of your guests will want to sit and dip their toes in the pool when you build this nifty bench around it. This one easily sits up to eight people!

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stock tank pool ideas bench
Hey Wanderer

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