Crafter Makes Tuxedo Kitty a 'Cat Pod' From Scrap Yarn

A tuxedo kitty got the most special cat bed of all—hand crocheted from scrap yarn in a colorful rainbow. And you can tell the kitty is loving it too—bopping in and out and rolling it around the floor.

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“Please don’t put your cat in this, they might roll over and become a roly poly,” jokes one person in comments.

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Others ask for the pattern.

How To Make a Cat Pod

A cat pod or cat cave is easy enough to crochet, and there are plenty of patterns online. All you need is a thick enough yarn and the right size hook to get a fabric that is stiff enough without being uncomfortable for the cat. If you can make a circle of single crochet or an amigurumi figurine, you can make a cat pod. Just crochet a circle of single crochet stitches, increasing every round, to get the bowl shape, then do the opposite, decreasing every round, until you’re left with a. Hole just big enough for the cat to jump in and out of.

Some people reinforce the hole with a ring to make sure it doesn’t collapse, but this makes a slightly less flexible pod. It’s all about the look you’re going for.

“Somebody tag my cat because I knitted her a really nice one that took me months to make and she refused to look at it or even touch it,” said another.

And isn’t the always the way? Cat owners will tell you that the more time or money they spend on a thing, the more likely their contrary feline companions are to completely ignore it. Every cat owner has a story about a contraption they spent beaucoup bucks on only to have their cat disdain in favor of the cardboard box it came in.

Nevertheless, it’s true that lots of cats like small dark spaces, and here’s why.

Why Cats Like Small Dark Spaces

Cats seem to have a special affinity for finding dark crevices to hide away in, especially if they are soft and cozy, like this yarn pod. This is by instinct. They like to find secure places to hide from predators and larger animals, and they want to stay warm. In the wild, they’d find a den. That’s what they are looking for indoors as well.

You can help a cat feel more secure in your home by providing them with a bed like this, whether it’s placed in a dark corner or up on a secure shelf. My cat loves to sleep on the back of the sofa. My daughter’s cat favors the back corner of her bunk bed.

And though this pod is a safe place for them, a lot of the places cats find to hide are less-than-ideal. This can include laundry baskets, inside suitcases while you are packing, inside drying machine drums, air ducts, and even the engine block of your car. Airline employees and TSA agents have found many a cat inside a person’s luggage. And it’s always good to check your laundry and your dryer before you turn it on.

Of course, with this cat pod, which the cat can Rolla round in at will, the challenge may be to make sure you don’t step on it with your kitty inside.

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