Cow with Super Unique Markings Is Making Everyone Smile

His name is absolutely perfect.

A calf born at the Bellbrook Holsteins farm in Ripplebrook, located in West Gippsland, Australia, on March 10 is bound to make you smile due to some pretty unusual markings on its body. The calf has now found a forever home as the mascot at Lardner Park, which is used as an event space for professional functions, festivals, concerts and more. This cow will be living its best life making visitors to the park smile.

Check out the following to see this cutie's super unusual markings.

Awww, and his name is Happy too! Lardner Park purchased the calf by making a donation to the West Gippsland Hospital of 10,000 dollars.

People are loving this sweet story with @Paul MacDonald commenting, "He should be smiling since he will be a lifelong mascot instead of a steak on a plate." @Elaine Rollo adds, "So cute!" @Kerry Donahoo says, "I Hope he lives a long happy life."

Craig Debnam, Lardner Park’s chief executive officer told Fox News that "Happy has a lovely temperament and is a very active and attentive calf. He is feeding really well and seems well settled into his pen at Lardner Park. With approximately 40,000 to 50,000 patrons coming through the gates to see "Happy" this weekend, we know Happy will put a smile on everybody’s face."

This is just too cute. We know happy days are ahead for Happy!

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