Courtney Stodden wants to ‘make cellulite sexy’ with unfiltered mirror picture

Courtney Stodden wants to
Courtney Stodden wants to "make cellulite sexy." (Photo: Getty Images) (Robin L Marshall via Getty Images)

Courtney Stodden is getting unfiltered.

The 27-year-old, who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, took to Instagram on Friday to share a stripped down photo of their backside, along with a message about self-love and body positivity.

"Everyone has cellulite if we are honest with ourselves. Even skinny 27 year old b****es like me," they wrote. "I am just about ready to leave Instagram because all I see is fake, delusional beauty — and it creates a false Impression of what true beauty actually IS. For now, I’ll stay on and use my platform as a counter to what we’re all being served — illusions of the human body."

While Stodden has made an effort to make their social media more authentic, with fresh-faced selfies and captions sharing details of their own journey with body image and self-confidence, they reflect on the lack of authenticity elsewhere on the social media platform.

"I'm so sick of the falsity we digest every single freaking day," they tell Yahoo Life, adding, "Young people are very impressionable."

Stodden has previously shared how media's perpetuation of exclusive beauty standards led them to have a difficult relationship with their body. "I was a very insecure teenager. I had very horrible self-talk, very negative thinking. And it didn't help to find myself in a slut-shaming storm of my undeveloped body, which just exacerbated my insecurities within myself," they shared for Yahoo Life's It Figures. "I was broken down to the point of analyzing every inch of my body and it got to the point of body dysmorphia."

Today, Stodden still considers how the posts that they create would have impacted their younger self.

"It would have given me more confidence," they say about their unfiltered post. "I was led to believe that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, so I hid everything that was imperfect. But now I'm settling into myself and those imperfections are actually so much more attractive than pretending we are flawless beings."

Stodden's supporters took to their Instagram comments to share support and appreciation for the message. "Everyone has it.. it’s just a matter of lighting & angles," one person wrote. Another commented, "I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!"

"My cellulite makes me feel sexy!" Stodden says. "I think it's time we make cellulite sexy."

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