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Courteney Cox uses this popular anti-aging tool anywhere and everywhere — and it's on sale for $8

Roll your wrinkles away with this deal on a centuries-old skin-care secret.

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Everyone needs a little self-care, even A-list celebs. In fact, they're the ones we turn to for the inside scoop on how to look like a million bucks. Courteney Cox practices face rolling—aka jade rolling—a facial massage technique used for centuries to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation, giving skin a plumper, radiant and younger-looking appearance. In fact she's so thrilled with her roller she was seen using it at NYC hotspot Cipriani. And as luck would have it, a similar jade roller from Baimei costs less than a Cipriani cocktail — it's on sale for just $8 when you apply the on-page coupon and use the discount code.

When used consistently, this jade roller and gua sha-tool set is meant to improve blood circulation in the face, reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines while tightening skin overall.  

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Quality jade rollers can cost hundreds of dollars — at just $8, Baimei's version is the lowest price it's ever been—and from a trusted brand with more than 39,000 five-star reviews. If you want to get in on the face-rolling trend, you won't find a better deal than this. Be sure to snag the on-page coupon to get the full discount.

Jade rolling is a safe, affordable way to care for your skin with a minimal time investment. It's an enjoyable practice that seamlessly blends into any skin-care routine.

The practice of jade rolling originated in seventh-century China and today, many skin-care experts consider it an essential technique for maintaining a firm, healthy face. Though there are few formal studies to back their claims, jade roller enthusiasts report the tool tones the muscles of the face, stimulates collagen production and allows serums and creams to better absorb into the skin. All of this, these fans say, leads to fewer wrinkles, tighter skin and a reduction in the appearance of dark, puffy under-eye circles.

For best results, roll the face roller gently using an upward motion for a few minutes each night and make sure to wash your roller with soap and water after every use to avoid clogging pores. Pro tip: Place jade rollers in the refrigerator before each use for an extra cooling/de-puffing effect. Or you can just drop it in your purse and roll away wherever you go, Courteney Cox-style.

Courteney Cox practicing face rolling at a bar in Cipriani.
Courteney Cox was seen using a jade roller at Cipriani restaurant in New York. (The Image Direct)

More than 39,000 reviewers agree with Courteney: This jade roller is essential.

"Excellent addition to my self-care routine," reported one happy customer. "It is a very relaxing process and does wonders for de-puffing my face. When consistently used, the results speak for themselves."

"The facial roller is a game-changer for my skincare routine," explained another. "Its cooling effect is incredibly soothing, reducing puffiness and promoting relaxation — I've noticed improved circulation and a more radiant complexion since incorporating it."

This enthusiastic reviewer marveled at the jade roller's value: "Very happy with my purchase, and it was very inexpensive! A lot cheaper than having plastic surgery. ... Love it!"

Others raved about the effect on their skin: "Helps jawline become sharp if you use it right — five-star item!"

And some consumers even felt their $7 device replaced the need for pricier plastic surgery treatments: "Quality is exceptional for the price point," revealed one. "Been using it morning and evening for less than a week and can already tell a difference. Please try this first BEFORE you decide on going the laser or filler route!"

Some shoppers felt the roller could be made of sturdier stuff. "The roller broke after using it for about a year," explained this reviewer. "It worked very well for that one year, but then it broke and was unfixable."

Another agreed: "On Day 3 of having this, it fell out of my medicine cabinet into my sink and broke. The plastic pieces holding the bar into the holes were not glued in very well on one side and went down my sink."

Courteney Cox was spotted using a rose quartz roller like this one — which works the same as the above roller but with a different stone. Rose quartz will stay cooler to the touch and may be more durable and longer-lasting. At only $10 (with the on-page coupon), you can get both rollers and decide which one you like best. Some believe the rose quartz rollers are better for more mature or sensitive skin. 

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Courteney Cox isn't the only celebrity who loves jade rollers. Brooke Shields told Vogue she's been using her own dual-ball roller for years.

"There's like a pinker quality to my skin, and I feel like it's waking up my face, waking up my skin," Shields told the camera as she rolled over her entire face with jade.

Brooke Shields's jade roller is more elaborate (and expensive!), incorporating two orb-shaped stones for a more targeted massage.

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