Couple's Story of Rescuing Orphaned Baby Foxes Is So Touching

What wonderful samaritans!

Some wonderful humans at TikTok account @Geekosystem came across a large litter of abandoned baby foxes and sadly found their mama deceased nearby. The rescue itself is just plain adorable and the following video will totally restore your faith in humanity. 

Their sweet little cries are just so heartbreaking! 

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If your reaction to this whole situation was OMG OMG THEY ARE SO ADORABLE I WANT TO BRING THEM HOME! You are not alone. @Bee posts, "I would be the new mom of six foxes. Thank goodness I never find wild babies, I would be in trouble." Us too, but the correct thing to do is get these animals to a wildlife rehab immediately. @K-Isabelle comments, "It’s sad to hear their mum was found dead. Those poor babies. Thank you for rescuing them and showing them love/kindness." @Judihooti has the sweetest comment and moral of this story, saying, "Wonderful! Thank you for saving them. We all gotta help each other, ya know? Even little wild furry things." 

Geekosystem makes an important point, posting, "Not all baby foxes found above ground need saving so you shouldn’t touch them without gloves just in case the mother comes back." If you are positive the mom is dead, bringing them to an animal rescue as soon as possible can save these precious babies. We are so happy these beautiful animals are safe and thriving! 

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