Couples Are Sharing "Secrets They'll Never Tell Their Partner," And It's Shockingly Wholesome

Who among us doesn't have secrets? Heck, I'd be willing to bet some of you who clicked on this very post are harboring some form of secret right now!

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Well recently, in a viral Reddit thread, user u/Bisexual_Space_Lover asked, "What's a secret you'll never tell your partner, but are willing to tell strangers on Reddit?" and the concealed truths ranged from sweet to silly to wholesome, and everywhere in between!

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So, with that in mind, here are just a few of the secrets people are currently keeping from their partners:

1."Our cat didn't break the towel rack. I did. I was pretending to be fighting zombies and grabbed it, and I ripped the goddamn thing off the wall. I heard her coming to check out the noise and looked down at my cat. She came into the bathroom to me asking my cat, 'Why did you think the towel rack could hold your weight? You silly cat!'"


2."My wife shit while delivering our son — something she was terrified she would do. The nurse cleaned up very quickly and gave me a look that needed no explanation. I never said a word. She talked after delivery about how happy she was that it didn’t happen to her. I’ll let her keep that peace of mind for life."


3."My girlfriend of five years has been deaf since she was 6. She reads lips pretty well, but prefers American Sign Language. I didn’t know a single sign when I met her, but I could tell right away there was something between us, so I started learning after I got home from our first date...

"...Fast-forward a few years, I’m now fluent in ASL, and we use it to talk almost exclusively. When she’s not looking, though, I talk to her even though she can’t hear me or see my lips to read. I tell her how much I love her, how I’m going to marry her someday, how beautiful she is, etc. I’ve even been practicing proposing so it’s not so terrifying when I actually do it. She has no idea, and I plan to keep it that way."


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4."I've broken your personalized cup your sister got you three times. I recreated the design on paint and got some screen-printing stall at the mall to print it on the cup. Each time, it looks a little bit different."


5."Every time we're playing Yahtzee and she asks, 'Do I have one more roll or was that 3?' I always say she has one more, regardless of the truth."


6."My nieces don’t like the aquarium. I just constantly took them there because I thought my now-girlfriend — who works there — was pretty, and I thought if she saw me constantly taking them, it’d lead to us talking."


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7."I dropped the diaper rash cream container on our daughter’s head when she was, like, 8 days old. She let out this scream that still haunts me. When he came in the room to see what happened, I lied and said I only dropped the lid on her."


8."That he legit saved my life. He’s a nervous, humble guy who doesn’t like undue pressure or praise, so I keep it to myself just how bad off I was before he showed up because — even in the aftermath of my mom’s death, and even in the face of some pretty nasty health problems (which I was just letting slide because I was so depressed, I was kind of hoping they’d kill me), I was very, VERY good at smiling and being charming...

"...Three years of taking care of a terminally ill parent taught me how to smile and bear it and feign positivity even when you’re running on empty. I never felt like I could be anything other than 'The Fixer.' 'The Doer.' 'The Person Who Always Knows What To Say.' 'The Reliable One.' I was not allowed to be negative. Ever.

"But he legit came in and helped me with mom’s estate and cheerleaded me into getting out of a dead-end career and put a stake in the heart of some severely toxic relationships I had. He even helped me budget so I could finally afford health insurance…which wasn’t a moment too soon, because I caught shit right in the nick of time. And he just kind of…did it. In his mind, it was nothing much because 'You were on the right track, but you had a lot on your plate and needed help!' I just nod and agree because what else do I say? 'I actually wasn’t. I was just going to let myself die because I was exhausted and miserable! Thanks for intervening!'"


9."When I play video games and my wife isn't there, I narrate what I do and respond to fake questions from a nonexistent chat like I’m some kind of big shot streamer. I even look at a fake camera when something happens."



10."That I know the word she’s looking for, but it’s more fun to hear her rattle off increasingly ridiculous, sometimes made-up words instead."


11."I got our toddler out of bed one morning and went to do a sniff test of their butt to see if they had pooped over night, and — when I lifted my child up — I stuck their head in the ceiling fan."


12."My best friend is a badger, and I feed him sweet corn every morning at 5:20 a.m."



13."That I actually prefer creamy peanut butter, but I buy the extra crunchy because that's what he likes."


14."That the thing that made me realize that I was in love with her was, when I was taking a shower and got done, I walked into the room, and she must not have heard me get out. She was laying on her side on the bed with her eyes closed, and she was picking her nose...

"...I didn't want to embarrass her, so I stepped back out, and, from a distance, asked where I set my clean clothes to make it seem like I was just now coming in. She was visibly startled and quickly stopped, but continued to lay there with her eyes closed. I pretended that I saw nothing, but I couldn't help but smile. It was such an innocent and human moment. I have no idea why, but it made me realize right then and there that I loved everything about her. As silly as that moment was, there was a beauty in it, and I cherish that memory."


15."When my girlfriend and I go out to eat at a restaurant and they let us order food through our phones at the table, I'll insist on ordering for both of us — because it allows me to write in their 'special instructions' box, where I request if they could compliment her outfit. Honestly, I think I get just as much enjoyment seeing her reaction. I can never let her know."



16."I don't know why I can't tell her, but lately (after three years of marriage and a 9-month-old), I am more attracted to her than ever. It becomes distracting, as I think about it all day sometimes. I think I'm embarrassed that it used to have a more 'average' attraction and now it's in overdrive, and it's been this way for months. I know it probably sounds silly, but I don't know, it just feels like I became a different person recently."


17."I write fan-fiction and am a prolific writer for one specific fandom. I don’t write smut or even really romance, but I do engage in other very dark topics, and I feel like my 'I hate reading' boyfriend would probably give me side-eye if he knew."


18."Our youngest son's first word wasn't 'mama.' She was having a busy time at work and already felt guilty about not being home as much. Naturally, he spent the most time with me, so his first word was 'papa.' I kept my mouth shut and waited until he said 'mama,' and we celebrated that as his first word."



19."Sometimes, when we play Mario Kart, I pretend to fail at the end so she can win."


20."There has never been a time I thought my spouse was unattractive. Whether it be his personality, quirks, or even situations that are irritating. He's been the most handsome man I've ever seen. I'm so lucky I got him. But, on May 26, 2022, the day we had our son (his first biological son), he cried. He cried through the delivery and never once left our son's side. He fell in love with him instantly, and he's been a doting, loving dad since day one, and...I have never been more attracted to him.

"It's hard to explain, and I know sometimes the rush women get from giving birth is a high-like rush, but I have been OBSESSED with watching him take care of our baby. I'm sure people would want to know why I'll never tell him this, and it's simple: Watching him dote on our son is my guilty pleasure. He doesn't know because it could ruin or change the way he acts with our son. Sure, he could say it wouldn't change anything, but this is my secret. I have never been more in love with this man."


21."His fuck-face is TERRIBLE. Like, when he's truly into the act, he looks ridiculous and awful. So...I've just stopped looking."


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22."One time, we only had half a container of ice cream left. I had a craving. I ate a bowl, then another. Then, I decided to just finish the tub to destroy the evidence...but then, I realized she would notice that there was no ice cream left. So I went to the store, bought another tub, and ate that one down to the same level. This was a GALLON tub."


23."I never paid for her engagement ring. I went to a custom jeweler to have her ring made. It’s a beautiful piece, and she loves it dearly, and it certainly wasn’t cheap — appraised and insured for around $10k. The jeweler was dealing with a lot of family issues at the time, and was incredibly disorganized. I went to pick up the ring and brought my checkbook to pay for it, and when she handed me the ring, I took it out and asked her who to make the check out to. She said, 'Oh no, don’t worry about it right now. Just send me a check in the mail!'

"I thought that was strange, but sure, okay. She then hurried off to help another customer, and I left, but she never told me what the final price was. For the next six months, I texted and called the jeweler, saying, 'Hey, just tell me what amount to put, and I’ll mail you the check!' and there was always a reason she couldn’t tell me, 'Oh, sorry, I’m out right now, I’ll find it and text you later!' Her shop was a few hours away from where I live, so it wasn’t feasible to stop by and handle it in person. I tried for six months, but after that, I stopped calling/texting and just figured I got the ring for free. I wouldn’t tell my spouse, because I don’t want her to think I took advantage of the situation or that somehow the ring isn’t as 'meaningful' because I didn’t pay for it."


24."That I am the one placing the googly eyes on everything in our house...not our 6-year-old."



And finally, this simple sentiment:

25."That I hope that I will die first, because I know I won’t be able to deal with losing her."


You've read their secrets, but now it's YOUR turn! Are you keeping a secret from your partner? Get it off your chest in the comments below!

Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: Reddit.