Couple transforms old laundromat into thriving community hub that gives back

Couple transforms old laundromat into thriving community hub that gives back

Home renovation videos can be seriously addicting to watch, but one couple on TikTok has people hooked with their truly jaw-dropping transformation of an old laundromat in Charleston, South Carolina.

For months now, Erin Carpenter (@erinv_carpenter) and her husband have been sharing updates about the project with followers — from their decision to purchase the local laundromat to coming up with a unique design theme that would set it apart.

But now that the project is finished, a 30-second clip is going viral for showing just how incredible of a job they really did.

Instead of old dirty tiles, they replaced the flooring with waterproof vinyl plank they bought at Costco and updated the vintage (but still functioning) washers and dryers by painting them a warm and welcoming green.

They created fresh new signage, added wall art, and even invested in cute, modern furniture to encourage customers to hang out, relax or even work while their laundry gets done.

The transformation is pretty impressive, which is probably why the recap video has gained more than 5.4 million views so far.

“I LOVE THIS SO MUCH,” wrote one TikToker.

“That makes me want to go there and work on my laptop while I do my laundry,” said another.

But in the end, most people have been moved by the way the renovation has impacted the surrounding town since the laundromat has become a popular new gathering place for locals who don’t have an in-home washer and dryer unit.

“Laundromats are so vital to communities!” one person wrote. “No one realizes how important they are until they use one themselves.”

“I’ve never been to a laundromat and didn’t realize the sense of community that existed in them,” another person admitted. “This is so awesome!”

Someone else praised the renovated laundromat for being a “safe place” for the community and “not just a place to leave laundry and go!”

The hope is that projects like this become part of a growing movement — and based on a few comments, that might already be happening.

“My local laundromat just did this and I actually look forward to doing laundry,” one person commented.

“It’s crazy what a difference it can make!” Erin wrote in the comments. “Going to a laundromat doesn’t have to be awful.”

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