This couple sold all their belongings and have been traveling the world in a van for 2 years

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Noami and Dusting Grevemberg, both 35, grew tired of a conventional life and wanted more. Two years ago, the couple sold all their belongings, quit their jobs, invested in a van, and hit the road. They haven’t looked back since.

“We were unfulfilled living a life of consumerism and redundancy,” the Grevembergs tell Yahoo Lifestyle. “We needed to shake things up and travel tends to do that. It has challenged us and forced us out of our comfort zones, educated us in a hands-on way, and given us a perspective of ourselves that we didn’t have before and couldn’t find in our previous life.”

Leaving their belongings behind and becoming minimalists, they say, has brought a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment to their lives.

Noami grew up in a small fishing village on the island of Trinidad. Dustin is from a small town in southern Louisiana. They have been married for just under four years. Since they began their journey, they have traveled the world visiting far-flung locations such as Vietnam, Mexico, and Australia.

“When we chose to pursue this lifestyle, it was because we were seeking more. We wanted to find out what means the most to us, what makes us come alive,” says Noami. “We’ve found that less is more, and that’s not just a cliché.”

The Grevemberg have connected with other young people who are also “digital nomads,” meaning they work online and have the privilege of being able to travel anywhere in the world, as long as they can connect to the internet.

“One of the greatest benefits of travel is that we’ve forged some of the most meaningful relationships with the people we’ve met while on the road, people who have forced us to take on new and refreshing perspectives and helped us to learn who we are.”

With the whole world being their home, they each have learned and discovered new passions and talents. Noami has found a passion in photography, and Dustin has become an avid navigator and a good mechanic and discovered a passion for surfing.

Obviously, their lifestyle does present challenges. They recall how last winter, a blizzard blew off the top of their van and they had to get creative and find a way to fix it.

“We were afraid our life on the road had come to an end, but we persevered. We learned a lot about who we are during that trying time,” says Noami

However, after their terrifying experience, they drove down to Baja, Mexico, and met up with some fellow van dwellers.

“We surfed, cooked together, shared stories around the fire, and bonded over our love for nature, adventure, and travel,” she adds. “These friends quickly became family. This is when we found our community, a community we now have wherever we go. ”

For those who are considering taking the leap like they did, they say “don’t try to figure it all out in the beginning. You will change because your perspectives will change. Stay open and leave room for spontaneity,” says Noami.

She adds: “This journey has been life-changing and life-giving.”

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