Couple Rates Cats' Reactions to New Ball Pit and the Video Is Going Viral

Apparently ball pits aren't just for dogs.

Can you remember the excitement of diving into a ball pit as a child? This might be an unpopular opinion, but we think that joy is something everyone should experience at least once in life--even pets! Ball pits for dogs have been gaining popularity for several years, so one couple decided to let their cats in on the fun, too.

It should come as no surprise that the resulting video from @dontstopmeowing is going viral on TikTok. Each of their playful cats had a very unique opinion about their new toy!

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LOL! These cats have personality for days, and we love the way they each got some time to try out the ball pit on their own. Their parents sure know how to help their fur babies shine! Even so, the enthusiastic Mr. Kai stole the show with his over-the-moon reaction.

"I thought Kai was an otter at first," said commenter @randitandi. We can totally see it! The way he dove into the ball pit looks a lot like an otter diving into the water--and then there's the matter of his ears. They may be typical ears for a Scottish Fold cat, but the way they sit flat on Kai's head sure stands out.

@Funkyfrog_789 said, "I love Kai! He reminds me of a ferret." How cute! It must be those ears creating the look that everyone's so fond of. Whatever it is though, there's no doubt that this guy stands out!

As much as we adore the long gray cat, we're glad to see his siblings getting love in the comments too. @Nameless_ speaks for all of us when they said, "I love Chase’s reaction." We were shocked that he loved the ball pit! He seemed to despise it when he first saw it, but then everything changed. We'd call this ball bit a success!

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