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Woman claims Uber Eats driver who delivered food months ago showed up to her house at 1 a.m.: 'Something's off'

A 25-year-old woman shared a strange encounter on TikTok. She claims an Uber Eats driver who had previously delivered food to her home returned to her address early one morning when she hadn’t ordered anything.

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Bobbie Prestes explained in a now-viral TikTok that she and her husband first met the Uber Eats driver in question in August 2021. Back then, he delivered the couple food as they were sitting outside on their patio.

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Prestes added that since the start of COVID, she usually opts for no-contact delivery. So it was by chance that they got to have a “quick little conversation” with the driver, who said that he grew up in the area and even attended the elementary school that Prestes and her husband lived near.

“It just seemed a little bit off,” Prestes recalled of the conversation.

Months later, Prestes claimed on TikTok that the same driver showed up at her house with a bag of Taco Bell at 1 a.m., uninvited.

“I woke up around 1 a.m. to the sound of another man’s voice from outside my bedroom window,” Prestes said. “[My husband] comes into the room and goes, ‘Did you order food?’ and I was like, ‘No, I’ve been sleeping.'”

According to Prestes’ husband, who had been sitting out on the porch drinking coffee when the man allegedly approached the house, the Uber Eats driver asked him, “Do you remember me?” before making a comment about the couple’s pool. Prestes noted that the driver wouldn’t have been able to see the pool from where he stood at the front of the house. Plus, there weren’t any lights on, and it was the middle of the night.

Prestes took a photo of the Taco Bell bag, which she showed in her TikTok. She pointed out the Uber Eats receipt stapled to the bag. The name on the order was neither Prestes nor her husband.

“I looked into this a little bit more, and I realized that none of the Taco Bells that deliver to my house stay open for delivery past 9 p.m.,” Prestes said. “But as you can see here on this picture of the receipt, it was ready for pick-up … at 12:30 a.m.”

This discrepancy made Prestes skeptical that it was just a mix-up with one of her neighbors. Based on other stories Prestes said she’d heard on TikTok about customers having unusual encounters with food delivery drivers, Prestes decided to play it safe and report it to Uber Eats.

In a follow-up video, Prestes confirmed to concerned viewers that she and her husband did buy security cameras for the house.

“Literally, immediately after he left,” she said. “We do already have an alarm system, so we’re not too worried about him getting inside of the house.”

As Prestes’ videos racked up millions of views, Uber Eats ended up reaching out to her to say the company was looking into the incident.

“Basically, they told me this was all just a big misunderstanding,” Prestes said about her call with Uber Eats. “I guess there was an order open at the time from Taco Bell. I don’t know which one, they wouldn’t disclose a lot of information. But there was an order he was supposed to be dropping off at that time, somewhere around my house.”

According to Daily Dot‘s coverage, an Uber spokesperson told the publication that after investigating the claims, the company found that the delivery was meant for a customer a “few hundred feet away from the TikTok poster’s house.”

But Prestes added that there was something preventing her from fully accepting Uber Eats’ explanation.

“I really, really want to believe that this is exactly what happened because it would make me feel so much better,” she said. “I guess I’m struggling to wrap my mind around it. Maybe I’m just overthinking things.”

It also doesn’t help that Prestes said she had dealt with two stalker situations before — one when she was 16 years old, which she broke down in another video.

Commenters, for the most part, encouraged Prestes to trust her gut about situations like this.

“Something’s off,” someone wrote. “Don’t take it lightly.”

“Instinct is everything,” another agreed.

“That’s not OK, that’s not right,” a commenter posted. “Red flags!”

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