Couple Decorating Their Cat's Bedroom for Christmas Is Festively Over the Top

This cat has obviously been very good this year.

We just love how extra some pet owners can be, especially when it comes to Christmas. We love seeing all the dogs and cats dressed in holiday clothing and receiving gifts and playing in the snow and helping to decorate the family tree. 

Or, in this case of the cat Stella who belongs to TikTok account @Newbuildnewlyweds, decorating her very own tree. In her own room. That has a TV. This adorably spoiled furbaby is totally living the glamorous life. Just watch the following video and get ready to get jealous. 

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We admit it, we are so jealous. Not only of this adorable room but how well-behaved Stella is. @Alexandria comments, "My cats would knock all the ornaments off the tree and bite it." @JennieHamiltonOvercast adds, "I love this! I have six cats and wish I could make each of them a room of their own." LOL! That's a lot of TVs! @Jenny says, "This is absolutely adorable!! The fact that she has her own bedroom too." 

It is totally adorable, and we are totally jealous. Stella must have been a very good kitty this year!

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