Couple adopt 6 kids after struggling with infertility: 'Hope will never fail you'

The adoption journey of Alo Moli, 27, and his wife, Ashley Watson, 32, is inspiring thousands of people online. His recent Twitter thread sharing their heartwarming story has gone viral.

Moli was a college football player when he met Watson in 2012, and he knew he wanted to create a future with her. He soon proposed, and a year later they tied the knot. Dreaming of having children, they decided to try to grow their family beyond the two of them. Unfortunately, that’s when the fairytale began to feel like a nightmare.

The inspiring story of how a couple adopted six children, including four with special needs. (Photo: Sadie Vaenuku)
The inspiring story of how a couple adopted six children, including four with special needs. (Photo: Sadie Vaenuku)

“My wife suffers from endometriosis and had severe pelvic pain and ruptured cysts. She was also hospitalized for pneumonia,” Moli shares with Yahoo Lifestyle. “Due to the issues with my wife’s health and in regards to her reproductive system, we had tried to conceive for years, and it just wasn’t working out for us.”

Moli admits there were very dark times when they felt utterly defeated. It was especially hard for him seeing his wife distraught because she couldn’t give him children.

Moli shares that not having children took a toll on their marriage. The couple’s friendships also began to be affected because expectant friends knew how hard it was for them to see others who were pregnant.

However, without giving up hope, Moli and Watson decided that the love they had to give was not going to go to waste, so they decided to become foster parents.

The thought of loving someone else’s child as their own seemed hard to process at first, Moli confesses. But they knew it was what they really wanted. “We decided at the beginning of 2015 that we wanted to become foster parents,” he says. “The children were placed with us on March 30 of that year.”

When the couple received the call, initially it was to foster three siblings. Soon they found out it was actually a group of six siblings. Four boys (now ages 4, 7, 18, and 21) and two girls (now ages 16 and 19).

Instead of backing out of taking on this major responsibility, they welcomed all six of them with open arms.

It wasn’t long before they realized their new foster children needed extra love and care. Four of the six kids have special needs.

Moli and Watson knew as soon as they met the children that they were meant to be a real family.

“We were able to provide them with a new life and stability after coming from a terrible experience. We were also able to show them what unconditional love is and what a family should feel like,” says Moli.

Although it has been difficult at times, the two have made it through the worst and are never letting the children go.

“We had to implement a lifestyle that was conducive not only to our children but to us as parents as well. Having children with special needs can be difficult at times, and there are spontaneous moments that keep us on our toes,” Moli says.

“Each of them are different in their own ways and all have needs of their own individually. Trying to schedule times for naps, appointments, and their daily routines can be chaotic at times, but we’ve learned to have a set schedule that works,” Moli shares.

All the children decided to take on their new legal father’s last name.

Moli and Watson’s advice to any person struggling with infertility or waiting on the adoption process, “Hope will never fail you. In the midst of pain and heartache, there is always hope.”

He adds: “Sometimes the word ‘foster’ has a lot of negative connotations when in all reality it can be the biggest blessing to you in time of need. Although having a biological child of your own is a huge goal, you can always look at other options. Do your research.”

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