Could This Oversized Puffer Be the Next "Amazon Coat?"

This '80s-style oversized puffer mimics street style looks for way less.

What's the best way to stay warm this winter? A great new winter coat is in order, of course, so you don't have to freeze every time you walk out the door. And as far as coats go, the puffer jacket is in, way in. But this trendy style doesn't stop just past your waist anymore. It envelops your whole body in pillowy, comfy warmth that keeps you toasty from home to work and back again, perfect for the chilly winter days we're in for this season.

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The Shanfetl Quilted Hooded Puffer Jacket is a particularly chic option if you're looking to be a part of this trend, which we've spotted everywhere from the streets of New York City to Chicago and everywhere in between. It's a favorite among trendsetters, who rock the look with both casual wear and designer styles -- the coat goes with everything. Men and women both love this classic style because it blends the best part of the '80s with a fresh twist and modern updates. And right now, you can save up to 14% off on this jacket, which comes in seven different colors. Or buy one for every day of the week!



Buyers can't get enough of this well-loved long puffer jacket, which is especially evident from its 147 five-star reviews. This versatile coat is a fantastic option for dressing up and hitting the town or keeping it casual, as it covers the length of most wearers' bodies. When most coats stop at the waist, you tend to wish you had more fabric -- this way you get it all!

These puffer jackets are 100% polyester with soft down alternative filling, which means you won't be shivering in this quilted piece of outerwear. With its windproof shell, warm padding, and full two-way separating zip closure, it's everything you could ask for when it comes to surviving harsh weather and more. Plus, it has a warm hood to keep your head and ears warm.

Beyond that, it has two hand zipper pockets and an inside pocket to keep your belongings safe without having to reach inside your bag, exposing your bare skin to the elements. It also comes in both bright, eye-catching colors as well as neutrals, so you can choose the hue that best fits your personality and wardrobe, making it a versatile and flexible addition to any closet.



Still not convinced this fashionable puffer jacket is for you? Reviewers can tell you all about why they've decided to add one to their winter clothing rotation. One reviewer praised the coat, declaring that it "will keep you warm": "I am very happy with this coat that I bought for walking my dog in cold, windy weather," they wrote.

Another buyer raved about it being an "awesome coat for the price". They shared: "The army green is a nice color. Overall quality seems to be great. Pleasantly surprised for this price point!"

One reviewer called it a "comforter with a hood": "I love it for Pacific Northwest blustery days when the dog needs to be walked no matter what. I’m 5’6’ and it almost reaches my ankles and the hood is awesome and I’m as toasty as can be. Thank you!"

If you want to rock one of these coats this season, you'd better act fast and buy now before they run out, or the weather heats up -- whichever comes first!