Could the Next Bridgerton Prequel Focus on Violet Bridgerton?

violet bridgerton
Is the Next Bridgerton Prequel About Violet?NICK WALL/NETFLIX

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Shonda Rhimes never expected to make a Bridgerton prequel about Queen Charlotte. "I wasn't planning to do this one until it came into my head!" she said on the red carpet for the Queen Charlotte premiere.

When asked if there are other spinoffs in the works, Rhimes was coy, but hinted that a story about Violet could be next. "There's no plan to explore anybody in particular. I was just doing this because I was so passionate about the subject," Rhimes told Hello. "Although, in writing it I got very interested in Violet's story. So, we'll see."

In another interview, Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly, "I am obsessed with Violet too. She's very interesting as a character and has a lot of layers to her life that we don't quite know yet. It's also another complicated love story."

Violet Bridgerton's backstory is a small part of Queen Charlotte, with a young Violet Ledger (Connie Jenkins-Greig) mainly appearing in scenes about her father Lord Ledger (Keir Charles). An older Violet (Ruth Gemmell) also features in the "present-day" scenes, and Violet Bridgerton is a key part of the main Bridgerton series, which follows each of her children.

A more dedicated spin-off about Violet could focus on her love match with Viscount Edmund Bridgerton, who Bridgerton readers (and viewers) know died while Violet was pregnant with their eighth child, Hyacinth.

Author Julia Quinn has said on her blog she would "never write a book about Edmund and Violet" but her Rokesby Series follows their neighbors, the aristocratic Rokesby family.

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