Could There Be Another Downton Abbey Wedding on the Horizon?

Photo credit: Ben Blackall
Photo credit: Ben Blackall

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A third Downton Abbey film isn't guaranteed, but there does seem to be interest in continuing the Crawley family's story. "Honestly, I thought the fifth was the last series," creator Julian Fellowes told Town & Country earlier this summer. "Then I thought the sixth was the end of them. Then I thought the first movie was the goodbye. Who knows?"

If fans do get another sequel, there's a chance it could feature another wedding. Throughout the franchise, major moments have always been punctuated by nuptial ceremonies. Think: Mary and Matthew's iconic "I dos;" Edith being left at the alter by Sir Anthony; William's deathbed marriage to Daisy. Tom and Lucy's wedding provided the opening scenes of Downton Abbey: A New Era, and it's not hard to imagine that a new film could begin with Mr. Molesley and Mrs. Baxter tying the knot. After all, one of the most iconic scenes of A New Era featured their proposal.

"When it finally came along, it was really very sweet and I'm very, very happy that we had it and we had it in that setting, but probably my favorite bit was weeks later," explains Raquel Cassidy, who plays Phyllis Baxter in the film, noting that the proposal scene was filmed much earlier than the reaction scene, when the servants react to the news.

"The proposal means a great deal to both characters and you want to do it well, but then coming in to the round of applause and that room full of perfection was really sweet," she says.

Fingers crossed fans will get to see their love story—wedding bells and all—continue to play out on screen.

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