Costco's Supersized Outdoor Chair is Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen

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Behind every well-stocked home is a Costco membership and plenty of storage space for that surplus of toilet paper rolls, toothpaste containers, and bottles of Everything Bagel seasoning. Whether you're stocking up on daily essentials at Costco or bulk-buying food for your upcoming barbecue, it's safe to say that the wholesale destination takes the "bigger is better" attitude to the next level. This summer, Costco is maxing out on its patio furniture with the supersized outdoor chair.

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Timber Ridge Giant Camp Chair


At first glance, Timber Ridge Giant Camp Chair look like your standard seat: Its foldable design and lightweight-yet-durable material makes it great to bring to a picnic, beach game, or your child's baseball game. The (not-so) small difference? It's huge—and, no, we don't just mean a little roomy. Huge. At over 67 inches high and 62 inches deep, this chair can hold three people or up to 600 pounds. (Yes, you read that correctly.) The $140 price tag is a little higher than your garden variety patio chair, but those don't provide seating for the entire family. Plus, this one also has six built-in cup holders, so you won't have to climb down from your giant's perch whenever you're feeling the slightest bit parched.

Admittedly, a chair of such large proportions might seem like a hassle to lug around. But at only weighs 13 pounds, it's eminently doable. (And should you want to bring it to a picnic or beach day, it comes with hits very own carrying case.) Timber Ridge Giant Camp Chair is simultaneously so extra and so surprisingly useful that we see no other option but to add it to our Costco-sized carts immediately.

Of course, we're not alone here. When popular Instagram account @CostcoHotFinds posted the Timber Ridge on its feed, followers were quick to daydream about how they'd use their supersized seat. One person wrote: "I can see it now. Leaning back, Costco pizza on my lap... summer dream."Another joked, "Finally, a chair for my 6'8" husband that doesn't make his legs like a grasshopper." A third follower said, "Imagine taking this to soccer practice with the kids." (Depending on the age of the kids, you could fit half the team in that sucker!) Regardless of how you plan to use it, one thing's for sure: It's going to be the chair of the summer.

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