Costco's Faux-Fur Body Pillow Will Make You Never Want to Get Out of Bed

Elisa Lewittes

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Staying at home all of the time makes changing up our spaces, however small, necessary at this point. And adding some cozy decor is a simple way to make a room feel more inviting (place to sit to watch more Netflix, of course). Fortunately, Costco came to the rescue with this adorable and highly affordable faux fur pillow for your bedroom or living room.

Yesterday, @costcodoesitagain, an Instagram page that curates the best finds from the retailer, shared these super soft looking body pillow. From the comments, Costco fans could not seem to wait to get their hands on it. “omg I want 😲😲😲😂,” one commenter wrote. ” One commenter confirmed that these pillows are as cozy as they look. “Saw them… they are soooo soft! Think I need one next visit!!”

“I need this for my bed!!,” another commenter wrote and spelled out what we all were thinking. With so much of our lives spent in this dreamy place (hopefully asleep for 8 of those hours), upgrading our beds into a relaxing oasis is a great investment. Making your bed can even boost your immunity, according to science. So, with your health in mind, (of course) after indulging in quality sheets, a body pillow is the next logical item to purchase for a more comfortable night’s sleep or a place to perch your laptop when working from home to help you avoid muscle aches and pains. Remember, it’s self-care.

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The Most Incredible Beauty Buys You Can Score at Costco
The Most Incredible Beauty Buys You Can Score at Costco

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