Costco's Cute Dog Toy Gift Baskets Are a Must This Year

Every pooch deserves one of these!

One of the most under appreciated parts of being a pet parent is being able to buy your fur baby an assortment of fun items and spoiling them with toys and treats. However, this holiday season, Costco is remembering to appeal to this aspect of pet parenthood, as seen in this viral video.

TikTok user @costcohotfinds creates videos on great items and products found at Costco. In a recent video, she shared an item that is going to have all the pups in a frenzy this winter: a dog toy gift basket! Check out the video to find out what comes in this basket and see this user's dogs give us a toy demonstration.

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Wow, we love this doggy gift idea from Costco! This is such a fun way to spoil your pups, or it would be a fantastic gift for the animal lover in your life. Plus, they're affordable!

People in the comments are running off to their local Costco to snatch one up for their dogs. @twosweetgoldengirls said, "I guess I’m going to Costco tomorrow!" and @biancabubbly commented, "I spent $40 on the puppy advent calendars, but I guess I’ll be getting these too." If there is one thing we know about dog owners, it's that we are always prepared to spoil our pups!

Others thought it was a nice idea, but unfortunately it wouldn't be suitable for their dogs. @itsraspberry_mora commented, "I would, but my dog would tear through those toy like nothing. They need to make some for intense chewers." Another user, @jannelmtz, said, "Those are so cute, but the stuffed animals are bigger than my 4 pound dog." Perhaps the toy basket should come in varying sizes to account for dogs of different weights and play voracities!

These doggy gift baskets are just perfect, and we greatly appreciate the adorable demonstration from this user's pups! We can't wait to see what other cool items Costco makes for their shoppers' furry companions.

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