Costco's Burrata and Tomato-Stuffed Ravioli Is The Summer Romance Every Carb Lover Deserves

Joseph Neese
Photo credit: @ costco_doesitagain - Instagram
Photo credit: @ costco_doesitagain - Instagram

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What it comes to ravioli, Costco reigns supreme. The wholesale retailer consistently knocks it out of the park with seasonal favorites. For Valentine's Day, we were blessed with red heart-shaped raviolis stuffed with four different types of cheeses. On St. Patrick's Day, five-cheese raviolis arrived that were green and shaped like shamrocks.

Though the holidays have come and gone, Costco understands that cheese and carbs are two things we can not do without. Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain recently spotted a new type of cheesy ravioli on store shelves that's perfect for summer. Direct from Europe, the packages of Scoiattolo pasta feature real Italian burrata and tomatoes.

Even better than the seasonal ingredients is the time it takes to prepare this dish. If you just drizzle some olive oil on top, it's ready in only three minutes. And judging by the comments, these raviolis appear to taste just as good as they sound. "I love this," Kimberley wrote. "Had it for dinner last night and eating the leftovers for lunch right now."

While you're at the store, don't forget to stop by the bakery, because one carb for dinner is never enough. And when it comes to dessert, Costco is known for its absolutely massive sweets like two-pound red velvet cakes or three-pound cookies and tres leches bars. If you prefer your desserts pre-portioned like me (because I have no self-control), you can also get a four-pack of chocolate lava cakes that come in their own reusable ceramic pots.

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