Costco Has A Set Of Color-Changing Tumblers In Case You Can’t Find Them From Starbucks

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: dltree_target_ross_finds/costco - Instagram
Photo credit: dltree_target_ross_finds/costco - Instagram

From Delish

When people recently caught wind of Starbucks' new line of color-changing cups they, well, kind of lost their minds over them. And while it can be tricky to spot these as they quickly sell out, we recently spotted another line of color-changing cups you can pick up on your next Costco run.

These Manna Color Changing Plastic Tumblers have been popping up all over Instagram. They come in a set of 12 cups, straws and lids, with four of each color. When you add water or any other cold beverage, the cups then turn darker, going from orange to red, lime to emerald, sky blue to navy, and pink to purple. Like many Costco favorites, these VERY quickly went viral and people are already clamoring to find them.

You can pick up a pack of these for $20, but unsurprisingly, these have already sold out on Costco's website. But the good news is, if you're still looking for color-changing cups and can't find them in stores, we have LOTS of other options for you. First off, we already reported on some great ones from Walmart that are SUPER affordable (we're talking like $1 per cup!).

If you STILL need more, you can also get some color-changing cups at Michael's which are ALSO sold out online, but have been spotted in a ton of stores, so you can certainly try your luck there! I think what we've learned is people REALLY like color-changing cups. I mean, can you really blame them? It's MAGIC.

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