Costco Is Selling A To-Go Wine Set So You Can Have A Picnic In Your Backyard

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/costco_doesitagain
Photo credit: Instagram/costco_doesitagain

From Delish

Costco has everything you need to feed a family, and they're even known for their housewares and gadgets, too. Shoppers have spotted a wine-to-go set that is perfect for transporting your favorite bottle out to the backyard or by the pool.

Once the weather heats up there's no excuse to do everything you possibly can to enjoy it. Grilling and eating outside are trademarks of summer time, but sometimes it can be hard to bring everything you use outside with just two hands. This Costco to-go pack solves part of the problem, and includes a wine bottle carrier and two glasses.

It was seen at the wholesale store by @Costco_doesitagain on Instagram, and other users seem excited to make the most of their summer using the kit. "For our summer out back in our lounge chairs," on user wrote. Another summed it up pretty well saying, "the only thing at Costco that we will ever need."

The insulated wine bottle carrier keeps your bottle cool so you can enjoy a chilled glass even after it's been taken out of the fridge and the glasses are stainless steel to maintain the drink's temperature as well. Although you may not be able to use this as a party trick quite yet, it's a fun way to picnic outside in your yard. The three-piece set goes for just $23, so if you happen to be buying it as a gift, you can throw in a bottle of wine for good measure.

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