Costco Is Selling Mini Bottles Of Champagne That Are Perfect For Socially Distant Celebrations

Kelly Allen
·2 mins read

From Delish

Although there's no shame in people at your socially distant celebration drinking from their own regular-size bottles of champagne, it's a bit more cost effective (and, you know, tame) for everyone to have their own mini bottle. The best way to get the job done? These boxes of six tiny champagne bottles being sold at Costco right now.

Instagrammer @costcosisters spotted the small cases of champagne in a Costco store. The Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut six-pack comes with 187-milliliter bottles and six champagne sippers. The champagne itself has a fruity aroma—yellow peach, plum, and pineapple—with notes of florals (lime blossom), brioche, and fresh nuts. It has a crisp finish and is based on the structure and intensity of a Pinot Noir, according to the product description.

Based on @costcosisters' post, it looks like the case is about $60. If you split it with six friends, that puts you out only $10. That's not so bad, if you ask me! You can also find the mini bottles online at,, and more.

The Moet & Chandon brand suggests pairing the champagne with sushi, shellfish, white fish, and white meats. IMO, any champagne is also great with pizza–no other fancy elements needed! You could bring these bottles to anything from a socially distant birthday party to a night in with your quarantine crew. Or keep it for yourself so that you can celebrate tiny life wins, like making it through another day of 2020.

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