Costco’s Newest Bakery Release Combines Two Favorite Desserts in One

I had a slice last night and another for breakfast today.

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adobe stock/allrecipes

Just when we thought Costco couldn't deliver any more decadent favorites, we saw a new contender hit the bakery case. If you can't find the elusive peanut butter pie (join the club) or want to try something different from the lemon blueberry loaf you got last trip, let us introduce you to the store-bought dessert darling of summer.

<p>Andrea Lobas</p>

Andrea Lobas

Meet Costco's New Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

This large and in-charge treat combines two classic dessert favorites: cheesecake and lemon meringue pie. Weighing in at 62 ounces (just under 4 pounds) for $20, the impressive-looking confection can easily feed 16 to 20 hungry mouths.

It is all built upon a thin layer of graham cracker crust, followed by a simple cheesecake, then a bright yellow lemon curd. Finally, it all gets finished off with a tall, fluffy, cloud-like brûléed meringue topping. It called to me in a way only a nostalgic piece of pie can. I had to take one home.

While this isn't a new concept—we have a top-rated Lemon Meringue Cheesecake recipe of our own—it's definitely an intriguing addition to the summer lineup, without having to turn on the oven. I'm imagining this coming in handy when running between a baseball game and a graduation party and needing to grab a dish to pass.

I'm not alone in my excitement. Instagrammer costcohotfinds picked one up the other day too, saying in the caption: "The peanut butter pie is out (at least for now) and the lemon meringue cheesecake is in!" and declaring in the video that she and her husband think "This may be the best one yet."

Costco Lemon Meringue Cheesecake Review

Aristotle was obviously referring to this lemon meringue cheesecake when he touted the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” When I tasted each layer by itself, there wasn't anything remarkable going on both in texture and flavor. Everything was good enough. But together, I tasted all the things. Rich, creamy, tart, light, crunchy, sweet, goodness. Very sweet, to be clear. And while I only intended to eat a few bites (did I mention it was sweet?) I ended up polishing off my whole plate after a big pasta dinner—and went back for another slice for breakfast in the morning.

If I could tweak one thing, I might even out the layers a little more in favor of thicker lemon curd and less meringue topping.

<p>Andrea Lobas</p>

Andrea Lobas

The Bottom Line

Classic lemon meringue pie is taken up a notch by pairing it with iconic cheesecake for a fun and festive summer dessert, served with a side of convenience thanks to Costco. It's a yes from me.