Costco Just Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Item to the Food Court, and Shoppers are Losing It

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For some time now, the internet has been convinced that Costco was silently removing their beloved Twisted Churro from the food court menu. And most recently, that actually seemed to be the case. With reports that Costco had removed the Twisted Churro from the menu and replaced them with a chocolate chip cookie popping up left and right, it seemed as though the fan-favorite menu item had actually seen its final days.

The $1.49 Twisted Churro had been a food court staple for decades, giving customers ample time to become accustomed to the familiarity of one of the establishments most successful snacks. So when news first came about of the mostly unwanted menu change, shoppers were understandably confused. And to make matters even more confusing, this week, a dedicated participant in the Costco subreddit reported seeing a familiar sight on their local warehouse's food court menu: the Twisted Churro.

“They keep playing musical chairs with food court offerings,” one commenter frustratingly responded to the news. Another shopper admitted that they’ve just been “waiting for the Polish dog to come back.” In terms of adding new offerings to the menu that might be available in other states, one customer retorted “And yet they won’t give us any of the neat foreign options we see. So frustrating!”

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Of course some people were quick to poke fun at the food court's shortcomings, with one commenter jokingly pointing out that there actually is a foreign option on the menu, naming churros as being “from Latin America.”

Though there were plenty of people who were excited about seeing the returning item, others thought the OP was trolling the thread. So in true Reddit form, another commenter got down to the bottom of it.

"Since some people think OP is trolling, I called the food court at this specific warehouse in Norwalk, California and the person on the phone was nice enough to verify that the Twisted Churro was brought back temporarily at this specific warehouse as their Bakery department is currently being remodeled and the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie is baked in the in-house Bakery," the wrote. "I'm assuming the cookie will be back once the remodel is finished."

In any case, a sense of humor is important to have, especially when your favorite food court keeps switching things up and changing an already good thing. At least in this case, Costco is bringing back a fan-favorite (hopefully at all warehouses) rather than taking it away and replacing it with a basic chocolate chip cookie. And now that we are (kind of) back on track, let's see what else our beloved food court has in store for us this year.

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