Costco’s Huge 2-Pound Tiramisu Bar Cake Is On Sale Through Christmas Eve At Some Locations

Photo credit: Instagram/costco_empties
Photo credit: Instagram/costco_empties

From Delish

Each grocery store brings something different to the table. Trader Joe's is great for frozen meals, Aldi is known for their eclectic boozy offerings, and Costco, of course, is the place to go when you want to buy in bulk or are on the lookout for a huge bakery item. Costco's bakery section is full of different cakes, cookies, and pies that are big enough to feed larger families, and just in time for next week's festivities, their popular Tiramisu bar cake is on sale.

There are quite a few hacks for getting the most out of your shopping experience at Costco. For one: It's a little-known fact that in some Costco locations you can ask for boxes of their frozen cookie dough so you can make them at home. Another trick is keeping your eye out for markdowns that will last a limited time, and you want to be sure to act fast to get the best deals.

Right now, according to @costco_empties, this gigantic cake is quietly on sale for $13.99 compared to the usual $15.99 price tag. The Costco Instagram fan page also said that this price change will only last around until December 24 at select locations, then after the holiday, it will likely be back to its full price tag. For the record, the cake is a little over two pounds, so you'll definitely have enough for your holiday dinners and for leftovers thereafter.

The cake is a mix of coffee sponge cake with a ganache and lady finger biscuits that will round out your Christmas dinner spread nicely. Keep in mind Costco is closed on December 25 and the deal only runs through December 24, so get your Christmas food shopping done early to ensure you get a cake for yourself.

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