The Costco Food Items Customers Say They Buy The Most

Costco shopping cart full of food
Costco shopping cart full of food - Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

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Costco's grocery section is a go-to amongst new and returning members across the globe. The warehouse retailer provides practically all of the fridge and pantry staples that shoppers need to stock up on. Even with such a wide range of products that change regularly, there are certain items that members reach for on every shopping trip.

According to Business Insider, the most popular item that Costco sells is Kirkland brand toilet paper. But in the grocery aisle, the ranking system is much more nuanced. Popular food items vary greatly depending on location, as Costco employs a "treasure hunt" style of shopping. Oftentimes, specialty items like various snacks and pastry items are only available in select regions, encouraging locals to branch out and visit multiple Costco locations to scope out different offerings. While there are many variations of goodies waiting to be discovered by members, there are also the tried and true staples that practically everyone reaches for when they make their Costco runs. A majority of the most popular food items are the Kirkland brand, offering members a high-quality product at a low price point. From the frozen berries to the food court hot foods, the most popular food items at Costco are highly sought after. The most popular amongst them is arguably the retailer's most delicious offering: rotisserie chicken.

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It's No Surprise That Rotisserie Chicken Is On Practically Every Costco Member's Shopping List

Costco rotisserie chicken
Costco rotisserie chicken - Smith Collection/gado

The famous $4.99 rotisserie chicken from Costco is the perfect ready-made meal for practically anyone. Whether you're a busy mother of three or a meal prepper looking to cut down on your prep time, Costco's rotisserie chicken is a great staple to have on hand. According to Forbes, the retail warehouse sells over 400 million rotisserie chickens each year. The product is so popular that people wait in line inside Costco for extended periods of time, waiting for employees to restock. One viral TIkTok even showed how quickly customers cleared a new batch of chicken before the employee could even set them onto their designated shelf.

One complaint that many members have is that locations will often run out of rotisserie chickens frequently. An exhausted Costco employee shared their experience on Reddit, asking customers to keep in mind that the process for keeping rotisserie chickens fresh and well stocked is a rather "inefficient" one. They shared that often, there are very few workers responsible for maintaining all the deli meats, including the rotisserie chicken stock. They also wrote, "There is NO LIMIT to how many another member can take (Just had someone take 50 today)." Next time you're restocking on your favorite pre-made dinner from Costco, consider leaving a few birds for other members to enjoy as well.

According To Members, These Food Items Fly Off Of Costco's Shelves

Person grabs meat from store fridge
Person grabs meat from store fridge - Bloomberg/Getty Images

While the rotisserie chicken is clearly a fan favorite, it isn't the only food item that members are searching for time and time again. In the r/Costco subreddit thread, members discussed their favorite fridge and pantry staples that were not toilet paper and chicken. One user found out from their local Costco store manager that Kirkland brand vodka was the second best seller (after rotisserie chicken, of course). Another user added that their local Costco in Queens, New York, can never keep croissants in stock because they are so popular. Produce and dairy were also frequently mentioned, although people admitted that buying perishable items in bulk tends to go bad if you do not eat or store them quickly.

Another Reddit user inquired about what foods Costco shoppers always buy as they prepared to shop at the bulk retailer for the very first time. Obviously, many commenters urged the user to try the $1.50 hot dog combo, but the thread was also full of excellent tips for saving money on their favorite pantry staples. Many of the items named were ingredients rather than processed food items. Some gems that Redditors shared were items like Better than Bullion jars, maple syrup, peanut butter, canned chicken, and packaged bacon. Many users commented on the high quality of meats like salmon and beef but urged OP to ensure they have enough freezer space for all the leftovers.

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