Costco Is Finally Bringing Back This Fan-Favorite Food Court Item

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Costo Brings Back Fan-Favorite Food Court ItemGetty Images

Apart from the great deals on snacks, kitchen appliances, and liquor, Costco's food court is reason enough to visit the store. Whether you're into a massive slice of pizza, hot dog, or churro there's one beloved item that's finally made its way back—diced onions.

According to The U.S. Sun, shoppers have been spotting the formerly discontinued hot dog topping at their local Costcos after trying to get them back for years. They also cited a Reddit user who shared a photo of an announcement saying that chopped onions will be available in individual cups for members upon request.

Why onions? They're the perfect addition to that hot dog and soda combo—you know, the famous $1.50 deal.

The unofficial queen of Costco, Laura Lamb, took to TikTok to share the news...and even enjoyed a hot dog of her own.

Now, who's ready for a Costco run? In addition to grabbing a hot dog and soda, we've got picks for the best hidden Costco items and Costco deals you need to add to your cart.

What are some of the discontinued Costco products you wish would come back?

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