Costco employees share the most 'irritating' things customers do

with the power of a Costco membership card comes great responsibility, and employees are spilling the most annoying things customers do on a regular basis. Some of the grievances are typical for customer service stores, like showing up right before closing. Leaving unwanted items and shopping carts all over the place is also a major problem. The worst is when customers leave frozen items on unrefrigerated shelves. forgetting your membership card is essentially a cardinal sin and one of the most common reasons for checkout delays. another common mishap is when customers ask cashiers to honor expired coupons. one of employee Jacob Bilsner's pet peeves is when customers try to hide that they’ve broken or spilled something. Worse than food messes though are the disasters that happen when someone thinks they can carry oversized items. “often what happens is that something breaks. If you need help, please ask”