Costco Will Stop Offering Free Samples & Our Shopping Trips Will Not Be the Same

Costco Will Stop Offering Free Samples & Our Shopping Trips Will Not Be the Same

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Costco is our favorite place to score a good deal on everything from beauty products to amazing foods and even Birkenstocks, but the real joy of being a Costco member isn’t all of the savings or even the numerous health benefits, it’s the samples. There are few things more enjoyable than strolling through the aisles of Costco and sampling all of their delicious foods on a Saturday morning so when we saw this news about Costco’s sample policy, we were equal parts devastated and appreciative of Costco’s new rule.

As you’re all aware, the coronavirus is rapidly spreading throughout the US, making many citizens want to stock up on supplies in case they are required to self-quarantine. Naturally, the best place for stock up on two weeks’ worth of food and home products is Costco so stores have been seeing unprecedented numbers of crowds and as a result, warehouses are selling out of a lot of products.

As Instagram account @Costcodeals pointed out, the rapid spread of the virus and the increased number of shoppers have caused Costco to temporarily suspend their famous samples to help reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, but the new policy may not affect every store. The fan account states that the news comes directly from a CDS vendor who distributes the famous Costco samples but it is unclear whether this new policy applies to all stores of just select warehouses. We spoke to one warehouse in southern Florida and they did confirm they will be temporarily be suspending free samples but noted that they could not speak for other stores and they did not believe this was a company-wide policy at this time.

While it is sad to think about heading to Costco without snagging any delicious samples, we certainly appreciate this effort to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep us all healthy. If you have coronavirus questions that are worrying you, make sure to check out our complete guide to everything families need to know about the coronavirus.

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