Cosmetic dentist uses TikTok to show step-by-step implant procedures

These smile transformations are too satisfying not to watch

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  • Uber driver passes his boating test after taking real-life Mrs. Puff for a ride

    Mrs. Puff deserves to be taken in a Tesla… DONT LET THIS FLIP!! “Andrew is a wonderful driver, unlike SpongeBob,” Catlett said in the video, perfectly imitating the character she played for several years.

  • 6-year-old allegedly finds mask inside McDonald’s nugget

    A mom in Hampshire, U.K. claims that her daughter nearly choked on a face mask that was baked into her McDonald’s chicken nugget. Laura Arber bought her daughter a Happy Meal and was sitting next to her when she says her daughter started choking. Arber told BBC News that she was able to pull the chicken nugget out of her daughter’s mouth and was confused when her saliva came out “speckled with blue.”

  • Over 12,000 shoppers love Lodge’s Dutch oven, and it’s on sale

    Lodge cast iron cookware is famous for its durability and versatility. Its Dutch oven has more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon for good reason.

  • Black comedian shares important lesson in allyship after getting pulled over

    A Black comedian is teaching a vital lesson after sharing his experience of getting pulled over by a police officer. Keraun Harris, an actor and internet personality better known as King Keraun, posted a video about the incident on Twitter. The clip, which now has more than 2.4 million views, features Harris detailing his exchange with a white bystander, who turned out to be a helpful ally.