Corgi Puppy Tries to Play With Horses in the Barn in Irresistible Video

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We can't get over how cute this pup is.

When you bring home a new puppy, it can be hard to look past all the chaos and work. Still, it won't take long for the little one to wiggle their way into your heart--it's just what they do! From their pint-sized paws to their playful energy, there are so many reasons to love your new four-legged friend. 

Nacho the barn pup is no exception. He's a tiny Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but in his eyes, he might just be part horse. His adorable videos are proof! Just a minute on his TikTok account, @nachothebarncorgi, will leave you convinced--and with a smile on your face, of course. Ready for your daily dose of cute? 

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We love Nacho so much! His excitement and joy are positively infectious, and we're so glad his human decided to make him an account. If you ask us, though, the horse doesn't seem as sure about the little dancing pup.

"The horse just silently wondering ‘what the hell-‘" commented @jofstuff. LOL, we can totally see it! They're probably not used to seeing something so small, but they don't seem to be disliking the dog either. Whatever kind of relationship they're building, we know it's going ot be adorable.

Even the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team's account commented on the cuteness, asking, "is this the start of a Disney movie?" It seriously could be! We're practically waiting for a princess to waltz in and start singing, but none of the storybook royalty would ever match up to @lauren_erl's timely sentiment.

"This is Queen Elizabeth’s dream video," she said. That, it definitley would.