Cops arrest model over 'inappropriate' photoshoot at ancient pyramid

Egyptian model Salma El-Shimy was arrested on Nov. 30 after she held a photoshoot in Saqqara. an archaeological site in the city of Giza. In Egypt, anyone who wants to take photos or videos at an archeological site for commercial purposes . must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Not only did El-Shimy and her photographer, Hossam Muhammed, not have a permit to have the photoshoot, . but the ministry called El-Shimy’s outfit “inappropriate”. Muhammed claimed that he and El-Shimy spoke to the site’s staff and came to an “agreement” that the duo could take pictures for 15 minutes. A lawyer accused El-Shimy of “the distortion of civilization and insulting the great Pharaonic history”. Despite her arrest and the publicity around the charges, El-Shimy still shared “sneak peeks” of the photoshoot on Instagram