Cookies & Créme Little Bites Are Back For A Limited Time And I Need All The Pouches

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: @dadbodsnacks/Instagram
Photo credit: @dadbodsnacks/Instagram

From Delish

Anyone whose childhood involved Entenmann’s Little Bites knows the snack is iconic. The mini muffins simply hit different. While the blueberry-flavored ones are a classic, the brand’s cookies and cream flavor is basically a fusion of Oreos and muffins—neither of which you can go wrong with. And luckily, the cookie-based flavor is currently back in stock for a limited time.

Instagrammer @dadbodsnacks spotted Entenmann’s Little Bites Cookies & Créme Muffins at the Midwestern grocery chain Meijer. The boxes come with five pouches that contain 20 tiny muffins in total. The little muffins are a “combination of a chocolate sandwich cookie with bursts of creaminess,” according to the product description. They’re perfect for packing in school lunches, bringing on a road trip, or simply enjoying while watching a movie on the couch.

The sweet treat can be found at various grocery stores including Jewel-Osco and Albertsons, according to Dad Bod Snacks. One commented bought them through ShopRite. They’re also available at Walmart for about $3 a box. Essentially, be on the lookout wherever you buy your groceries. FYI, you can also head to the brand’s Little Bites website to see if the snack is in stock near you.

The cookies and cream flavor is only back through March 2021, according to Walmart’s website. Buy them while they’re still around, because who knows when they’ll return again? And when they are no longer on shelves, please refer to these muffin recipes to fill the void.

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