Convert2mp3 Alternatives After Closing

Today I read a pretty disheartening piece of news about the closure of convert2mp3 just days ago after IFPI had sued for a long time. German courts have ruled that requires technical steps of its production to override any YouTube to Mp3-Mp4 downloading restrictions imposed by video streaming services and thus has not been allowed to continue to function. Unfortunate news indeed, Funny article also mentioned that there’s some screen that says there’s no more site. I guess there’s too much noise to handle for IFPI.

Well, you’re not alone. Following two years of legal battle, IFPI, the worldwide voice of record labels, finally won a class action suit against the Convert2MP3 web YouTube video ripper and shut down. But we don’t agree! Even that convert2mp3 was a significant site within the top 1000 most visited websites in the world; this only means that many people need to look for a new website like a better version of convert2mp3, which could be any site, given that the original portal was so old-looking, even though it existed since 2009, seems to have never been remade to look fresher. And those ads, omg, stop me from going all out on those ads and pop-ups, but the site was pretty useful, it helped me whenever I was planning to go hiking, or on a long road trip, I’d always go to that site, do some search through their built-in search function, and find some new long 1-2hrs DJ mixes that I’d then convert2mp3 and put on my iPhone to listen offline.

The popular YouTube to MP3 converter „Convert2mp3“ has received more than 640 million users in the past year. Convert2MP3 alternatives are flooding the market. One of the reasons for the victory of Convert2MP3 was YouTube’s market share in online streaming music, which accounts for 47% of total online streaming music.

Since the end of the hugely popular music ripper, users have been searching for Convert2MP3 alternative sites to download/listen to music. There is an increasing demand for a service to convert YouTube to MP3 or any other playable format.

We recommend the best legal website, like 320YouTube.

320YouTube provide at the best quality that is available with music, namely 320 kbps. After you have found a video you like do hear online you only need to paste the YouTube link in the convert form from 320Youtube and the Converter work for you. After 3 – 4 seconds you receive a mp3 file you can download easy to your lovely device.

Ghosting of songs-Copyrights and legal licensing issues have resulted in the lack of access to a range of music. User experience has marred in specific markets such as India and East Asia.

Finding Songs by Lyrics-An artificial intelligence-backed finding that allows songs to discover by clicking the lyrics a person can recall. Next time that tacky bit of a song stuck in your head is sure to drop the broken words you remember and find the song. It’s the Shazam for the lyrics that are stuck in your brain.

Music and more-YouTube functionality allows users to scan not only for music but for anything on YouTube. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts on the go without the need to switch apps.

Audio-only mode-Services such as convert2mp3 alternative sites can take back seat when YouTube itself provides an alternative to audio-mode, which only loads the audio that saves your mobile data.

Mobile application optimization-The smartphone application is effortless in terms of functionality and provides fluid user feedback. The only downside we have been able to find is the consumption of the battery, which is south of being optimal compared to its competitors.

Listen to YouTube offline- it’s not a severe crime, did you think about it? Me, you and 100 million other men, if not billions, are capturing their favorite TV shows that happen when we’re busy or at work. So we started with the DVR-ing them later. What’s the difference between uploading some songs from YouTube and having it on your listening device to listen to later? I don’t see any difference.

Yet, for some reason, taking music from YouTube is considered a bad thing, and even a crime to think deeper. While live TV shows, no way to close the danger zone. None of them has ever advertised YouTube to mp3 converters on TV, but a few years ago, DVRs had a strong presence in commercials (where I live at least). And tell me now, please, who’s there to stop me from giving my DVR to my neighbor to watch my videos, and he’s giving me his, as you know, DVRs have limited capacity, he can’t film entire marathons from different dedicated channels. So we could have done that. Or maybe 10 of us could do the same thing for 10 DVRs. Is it somehow illegal?

Okay, anytime you listen to YouTube music offline, it considered criminal for some reason after you get it with some YouTube to mp3 Downloader. I think it’s mostly different because TV money is usually paid in advance for commercial time, by donors and sponsors, again commercial and product ads, all sorts of money comes in before this show or cartoon or some talk show airs. Right? Right? While music is more like Hollywood and movies — money starts coming after the actual release, every radio play counts toward some other kind of royalties and percentages.

Okay, I think I understand why IFPI and the likes are after all these sites. Well, of course, there’s also the fact that IFPI exists off the labels, so they’ve got to prove that the money they’re taking is going too well, so they’re shutting down a site and convert2Mp3 alternatives just now. They need to show some achievement. But both you and I understand that hydra cannot destroy so quickly. Cut off one head, and there’s going to be 10 or 20 new heads ready to accept all the traffic that’s lost without a home so, yeah, there’s this annoying feeling that my next favorite site is going to be gone soon. Well, let’s hope for the best.

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