Confused Shelter Cat Is So Sad After Losing Her Mom She Won't Even Take Treats

Someone needs to adopt Sweetie right away.

We understand circumstances happen which, unfortunately, cause owners to surrender their pets to the shelter. Maybe they become ill and can't physically take care of their fur babies. As much as it breaks our hearts, it definitely hurts the owners even more.

A Florida-based animal shelter, known on TikTok as @humanebroward, recently highlighted one of their cats who lost her owner. The cat named Sweetie' owner became very ill right after Thanksgiving, forcing her to bring Sweetie to the shelter. Sweetie has been there ever since. Ugh, grab a tissue for this clip.

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Our hearts have completely shattered watching this video. We feel so bad that Sweetie has no idea why her owner left her there. We'd do anything to make her understand that it wasn't her fault and her owner didn't want to do it!

"Sad cats and dogs are my biggest weakness," said @dbztranks. SAME! They deserve the world and nothing but happiness. And you know they're really down when they won't even eat a treat. Ugh, one day soon enough you'll be happy again Sweetie.

@mshawu2 commented, "Sending Sweetie some love and hope for a new family soon." We want nothing more than for Sweetie to have another family that loves her with their whole hearts. @maaadisonw added, "Awww Sweetie I’m so sorry. You’ll find another loving mommy soon! You will!" We just know the power of social media will work! Hang in there, Sweetie!

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