Confused Dog Faces Off Against His Own Reflection in the Mirror

He was ready to throw down!

There's a simple fact about dog ownership: you can never know what's going to set your dog off until it actually happens, and sometimes it can be from the most seemingly innocent things. We have seen dogs afraid of coffee mugs. We have seen dogs who are terrified of cows. And now, thanks to Diane Danylko, we have a gorgeous dog who absolutely despises another dog so much that he is ready to rumble.

There's only one teensy-tiny problem, as you can see in the following hilarious video.

Ummm.. who is gonna tell him? We just love how he's absolutely not having it with this strange dog who is suddenly invading his personal space and snarling at him! Or maybe he's jealous because this other dog is absolutely adorable? Who knows what he's thinking, all we know is that he's too funny!

If your dog is barking at his own reflection, it could be that he's not properly socialized to other dogs and views his own reflection as a threat. Some owners may be okay with this (And we are right here wanting to laugh at this poor pup wanting to beat himself up!) but if you want to curb this behavior in your own dog you may want to spend some time with him at a leashed dog park where he can encounter other dogs. And maybe make some friends! Because as cute as this dog's nemesis is, he's not as fun to play with as a dog that isn't just a reflection.

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