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‘Condescending’ chef girlfriend berates boyfriend over leftovers: ‘I am not your staff’

A former chef is fed up with his chef girlfriend after how she spoke to him.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. After working as a chef for seven years, he “escaped” the industry he “hated” by shifting to IT. However, his girlfriend is still a chef, and he thinks she might be jealous of him.

“There is a really condescending way chefs talk down to people and she lapsed into it,” he wrote.

She told him that the food he cooked didn’t taste as good as before. Then she lectured him on how to put leftovers away in a “rude manner.” He tried to disengage with her, but she insisted on giving him a tutorial.

Things got out of hand, and he swore at her for “being aggressive towards your significant other about plates and bowls.” He tried to reason with her about the issue but is losing hope.

“She says she is not jealous of my new career but that seems spiked with hostility,” he said.

Redditors felt like he needed to stand up to her.

“You can simply repeat this mantra to her until she gets it: ‘I am not your staff,'” a user wrote.

“She was condescending to you to begin with, which is absolutely gross in a relationship,” a person commented.

“I’m not your sous chef. I’m not in YOUR kitchen. This is our home and you will not speak to me that way,” another added.

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