This Company Will Turn Your Bronco, Defender or Wrangler into an Overlanding RV

Photo credit: GeHoCab
Photo credit: GeHoCab

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There are plenty of great ways to convert your favorite off-roader into an awesome overlanding camper. But if you really want to think inside the box, so to speak, you'll want to check out the work of German company GehoCab — as they'll turn that same vehicle into a full-service RV.

With the new Fiete, GehoCab is expanding its line of chassis-mounted, carbon-shelled campers to the new Land Rover Defender, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, the Jeep Wrangler — and even the new Ford Bronco.

Those off-roaders don’t have a truck bed to mount the camper on, so GehoCab cuts out the vehicle at the C-pillar, seamlessly replacing the trunk area with its camper. Don't worry about the balance being thrown off too much, however; the Fiete is super-lightweight, checking in at just over 1,000 pounds. (That weight can be reduced further by converting interior components to carbon fiber.)

The camper is light for floorspace, as you'd expect from something fitting onto the back of an SUV. But it still offers all of the usual RV amenities, including a full kitchen, cassette toilet, shower, a seating area and sleeping space for two. (You can even add another sleeping berth in the seating area.) And the camper is prepared to leave the grid, at least for a bit, with a 23-gallon freshwater tank and solar power.

GehoCab’s Fiete will be ready for orders come October 1st, and conversions start at a little under $124,000. Since GehoCab explicitly mentions the Bronco and Ford only sells it in North America, we presume they can convert vehicles for us here in the States, in spite of their German roots.

Choosing the Fiete would give you pretty much the most capable and maneuverable off-roading RV one could ask for. That said...chopping your brand-new, presumably-still-under-warranty SUV's body off at the C-pillar for full-time RV duty is certainly a commitment.

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