This Company Is Selling a Single Giant Froot Loop for $19 — Here's How to Get One

Breakfast time just got bigger.

<p>Courtesy of MSCHF</p>

Courtesy of MSCHF

A single serving of Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal clocks in at one and one-third cups, weighs 39 grams, and contains 150 calories, according to the nutrition facts printed on the side of the box. Though we've never actually counted how many loops are in that single serving, we assume it's more than one. Oh, you only want one? OK then. Big Fruit Loop is here to deliver. 

The Big Fruit Loop is just as the name implies: a single massive loop. It's also a very much unauthorized version of the longtime breakfast cereal, and it's the latest drop from Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF. 

That one big loop contains 930 calories and weighs around half a pound, or the equivalent of about half a box of regular Froot Loops mashed into one bowl-filling monstrosity. There's absolutely no reason for it to exist, which seems to be exactly why MSCHF decided to create it.

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"With MSCHF, we are always looking at cultural readymades we can play with," Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF's co-founder, told Food & Wine via email. "Cereal is, of course, one of those things. When looking at the object and thinking about what we could do with it, enlarging it to fit the size of the box seemed too perfect to pass up." 

Greenberg declined to explain what the production process for the Big Fruit Loop was like, other than to admit that "it was not easy." He also said that the company had to reverse-engineer its loop to match the flavor of the Kellogg's originals. To Greenberg, the two kinds of cereal taste "almost identical." You know, minus one being gigantic and all. 

MSCHF releases a new limited-edition drop twice a month, and it seems to enjoy shaking up our perceptions of the food space. Its "Illegal Chips" pushed against the arbitrary boundaries of which artificial flavors are (and aren't) acceptable, selling snacks that tasted like horse meat, Sicily's Casu Marzu "maggot cheese," and potentially deadly fugu. (The actual versions of those foods cannot legally be sold in the United States.) They've also collaborated with Rihanna's Fenty Beauty on a line of individual lip gloss packets that either held a shimmery red shade of makeup or a mouthful of ketchup

And its "Stolen Stories" drop allowed everyday Instagrammers to give their friends the (online) impression that they were eating at some of the country's most exclusive restaurants. "It's obviously really enjoyable to pull one over on your friends, but there's also this subversive aspect [to it], " Greenberg said. "You might as well just use our assets and go get yourself a burger." 

If you'd like to get your hands on your own Big Fruit Loop, it will be available on the Big Fruit Loop website starting Monday, December 19. Each box goes for $19.99, and the team will choose the color of your loop at random. "I don't think there is a major takeaway [from this drop]," Greenberg said. "But as always with any MSCHF release, it is up to you to decide."