Comedian shares her 'ghosting exit survey' for unsuccessful first dates: 'I wanna send this to my ex'

Getting ghosted is never cool, whether you think the date went well or not. But in the cruel world of online dating, it, unfortunately, happens a lot.

One woman on TikTok had enough of bad dates and recently drafted up a “ghosting exit survey” to send to someone who rudely ghosted her — and it appears she’s having the last laugh.

The TikTok was shared earlier this month by Stephanie D’Agostino, a New York City-based comedian who goes by @stefdag on TikTok. In it, she gets real about how uncool the entire experience was and what she eventually did about it when she snapped.

“So I recently got ghosted by a guy who I didn’t even like, which was obviously devastating, and I emailed him this ghosting exit survey to fill out,” she explains in the clip.

Then, D’Agostino gives a quick run-down of everything she grilled him on.

“Question No. 1: Please provide a 1-2 sentence example of why you did it. (Ex: You were intimidated by my beauty, you hate yourself, you’re broken, I’m too good for you.)

Question No. 2: Please circle if I am more cute, hot, sexy or pretty (can and must circle all four).

Question No. 3: Please explain why you did not write in “SMART” for the last question, you misogynist. “

From there, she digs even deeper, asking the mysterious ghoster to provide the names, emails and phone numbers of at least two of their exes, as well as their birth mother. She even asks for his social security number.

Last but not least, D’Agostino gives the guy the option of choosing one form of compensation to relieve her of all of her emotional distress. They include a series of hilariously ridiculous things, ranging from buying her mom a condo in Florida to giving her all of their streaming passwords.

Obviously, this is all meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but the fact that ghosting happens so often, and is so universally despised by most women, is probably why her TikTok has been hitting home with so many women.

“I’m obsessed,” wrote one commenter, along with a string of cry-laugh emojis.

“OMG, this is possibly the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,” added someone else.

Some people were even tempted to steal this idea for themselves.

“I would like a PDF [of this], please,” joked one person.

“I wanna send this to my ex boo so bad!” wrote another.

Other women jumped in to share similarly extreme measures they’ve taken after being ghosted.

“I made a Google survey and sent it to them all and it brings me so much joy,” said one user.

“A boy ghosted me around Halloween and I asked if it was seasonally appropriate to ask him why he ghosted,” quipped someone else.

In the days since D’Agostino first posted the video, she’s watched the story go viral and even make international headlines.

And while the comedian appears to think the whole thing is pretty funny, more than a few people have taken it a bit too seriously. In fact, some have even taken to trolling D’Agostino in the comments section.

In one recent video, she even reads aloud some of the cruelest comments she’s received.

“I’ll bet she had offensive odors from one or more holes,” wrote one TikToker.

“She ain’t all that and a bag of chips,” added someone else. “Hell, she ain’t [even] a stale cookie!”

Some dudes even took the time to rate D’Agostino on her looks, with one guy giving her a -8 out of 10.

Luckily, the comedian appears to be taking all the viral hate in stride, choosing to laugh it off instead of letting it get to her. No wonder so many women are now bowing down to her.

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