This Color-Changing Mug Reveals Characters When It's Hot And Is a Must-Have For Disney Fans

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Shop Disney
Photo credit: Shop Disney

From Delish

You can never have too many mugs. Whether you consider yourself a collector or not, mugs are one of the easiest (and subtlest) ways to show off your personality in the kitchen. Although you may have sworn off buying more mugs for awhile to save cabinet space, die-hard Disney fans absolutely need this color changing character mug in their lives.

Color-changing cups have been all the rage recently, what with Starbucks coming out with neon and confetti tumblers that are temperature sensitive. When a drink goes in, the colors change, and although seemingly simple, it's magical all the same. This Disney mug takes that idea to the next level, with all of your favorite characters appearing when a hot beverage is poured in.

When it's empty, the mug is white with dark silhouettes, but once your morning cup of coffee or tea is inside, all of the characters appear. The pattern features famous Walt Disney faces from the 1930s to the 1960s, so it's for seasoned Disney fans who love the classics. This also means that the characters that don't usually make it on Disney merch nowadays are included. Jiminy Cricket, Lady and Tramp, Baloo, and Merlin are included on the mug next to Snow White, Mickey, The Evil Queen, and so many more.

This $14 mug is a good excuse to put your Disney trivia to the test every morning by trying to name all of the characters as they appear and is a great collectible item as well. Unfortunately, it's sold out at the moment, but will likely be back in stock and ready for shipment ASAP, so keep your eye out on the Shop Disney site.

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