This college student spent 48 days biking home after he got trapped abroad during lockdown

For Kleon Papadimitriou, staying home during lockdown wasn’t an issue — getting home, however, was a little more of a problem.The 20-year-old, who was studying at Scotland’s University of Aberdeen, spent two months biking to get back to his family.His journey lasted 48 days and spanned more than 2,000 miles, finally ending when he reached his home in Athens, Greece.“It was very emotional,” Papadimitriou told CNN of the day he finished his ride.Papadimitriou set out from Aberdeen, armed with his bike, some snacks, a tent and little else.He started riding south, eventually crossing the English Channel and continuing through the Netherlands until he reached Germany.His route took him from Germany to Austria, and finally into Italy, where he rode along the eastern coast until catching a boat to Greece

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