College student shares ingenious hack to get free food for a year

It’s nice to snag a free meal every once in a while, but this brilliant college student found a way to snag one every single day. Noah Wille shared his cunning solution with his TikTok followers. “OK, life hack that’s also kind of terrible,” he said in the video. “I really hope I am not the only person who is crazy enough to do this”. He told In The Know that one day when he was “struggling a bit” with his finances, he pulled up Google Maps and made a list of all the places that sell food in his area. Ultimately, that was more than 800 spots. Wille then narrowed down the list to only include restaurants that offered a free birthday treat of some kind. After that, he joined each of their mailing lists claiming a different day as his birthday. It’s beautifully organized. TikTok commenters went wild over his idea. “That’s on broke college student life,” one user wrote. “Crazy? No. The future leader of the world? 100 percent,” another said