College student has creative way to take sole credit for group project: ‘You should get extra credit’

When it comes to group projects, TikToker Miss Independent (@sexym*gemini) makes sure that the credit is properly distributed.

She posted a video explaining that she had to complete a group project for one of her classes during finals week. She took the initiative to handle putting the presentation together, as long as her group mates gave her the data. According to her, they didn’t give her the data, so she asked for a smaller piece of participation from them — which they still didn’t do.

“The point is they’ve given me nothing and we present tomorrow morning,” she said. “Since I’m stressed out with my own s*** going on in my life, and finals and making this beautiful presentation, this is what I’m doing.”

She then showed that in the final slide of the presentation, which was for credits, where she wrote the following note: “Presentation fully made by Lindsey even with the efforts of asking for minor assistance and received none.”

After hearing her side of the story, TikTokers were in support of this strategy.

“As you should,” said @officialallstar.

“No this is perfect. Everyone gotta pitch in idc,” replied @m1ch3llvilla.

However, the professor of the course did throw a wrench in her plan.

“My professor did end up emailing me back and she did say, ‘no,’ because she wants to keep it professional within the course,” @sexym*gemini said.

In the update video, she told how the disclaimer wasn’t in the final presentation and although one group member didn’t show up, they received a 100.

This was met with detest from the comments.

“You should get extra credit or they shouldn’t be given full credit,” @emilysites.

“Professor did not pass the vibecheck,” replied @hannahboone.21.

While she wasn’t able to put her group mates on the spot, @sexym*gemini was able to vent and gain the support of thousands of people on the internet.

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