College student contrives imaginative 'Disney nanny' business

Like many of her young peers, Cyan Nardiello, a 21-year-old student in Orlando, Florida, used to work an unrewarding minimum wage job. “I wanted more for myself, and I also wanted to work for myself,” Nardiello told In The Know. Nardiello decided to start her own babysitting service. However, her services come with a twist — they primarily take place at Disney World. A typical day for Nardiello looks like this: First, she picks up the child she’s babysitting from their home or at school, if they’re local. Then, she takes them to “a park of their choice” and they ride attractions, watch parades, meet characters and “create magical memories”. If Nardiello is working with a family vacationing from out of town, she will first spend some time with the family. Then she takes the child “to [enjoy] age-appropriate attractions/activities while the parents enjoy time to themselves”. Ever since Nardiello posted a TikTok explaining her Disney Nanny business on Sept. 24, her account has blown up with questions and compliments. Many people noted that Nardiello was a “genius” for coming up with such a fun side gig