A college student claims she failed her online exam because of a meatball sub

A college student got a second chance on hereconomics exam after giving her professor anexcuse so crazy, he figured it had to be true.Sam Lee, a junior at the Universityof Georgia, claims she failed her online testbecause of … well … her dinner.The 20-year-old says she was eatinga sandwich when a meatball fell fromthe sub, hit her keyboard and prematurelylogged her out of the exam.According to her now-viral Twitter post explainingthe ordeal, she was unable to log back in and finish,leaving her with a grade of 39.17 on the test.she emailed her professor, Dr. William D. Lastrapes,about a retake and boldly explained exactly whathappened — and even included some photo evidence.“I had some technical difficulties and outsidedistractions during the test today. Somethinghit my computer and caused it to submit thetest when I had less than half of the questionsanswered. By something, I mean a meatball”.Dr. Lastrapes had a somewhat surprising response.Instead of dismissing the story as an excuse, he toldhis student he had no choice but to believe her.“Well, this is certainly a new and unusual excusefor a low score! But for that reason it seems unlikelyyou’ve made this up … I’ve extended your deadlinefor the module 6 test until midnight tonight”.“I would recommend you take the testeither before or after dinner,” he added.The 20-year-old got to redo her exam, andher story went completely viral in the process,drawing more than 415,000 likes on Twitter

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