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My teeth-cleaning, breath-freshening, go-to travel hack is now less than 18 cents a pop

It keeps my mouth feeling clean and fresh on long travel days.

Truth: It's challenging to maintain your oral hygiene when you're on the move. If you’ve ever woken up mid-flight with less than fresh breath or just wanted to clean your teeth after a meal while on the go, you're usually out of luck. Well, let me introduce you to my new best friend: Colgate Wisps. These single-use mini-toothbrushes have been a game changer for long travel days for me, and I love them so much I never leave the house without one now.

I was first introduced to this handy oral-care solution over a year ago. I was traveling to Morocco and just landed in Paris for a layover after an overnight flight. My friend saw me struggling to find my toothbrush in my tote bag while we were in the bathroom freshening up between flights and handed me a Wisp to use instead. I was amazed, and shocked I’d never seen one before.

The micro mini toothbrush is designed for one-time use and has built-in breath-freshening beads and soft bristles that instantly make my mouth feel clean and fresh. Most surprising to me was the fact that you don’t even need to use water to activate anything or to rinse afterward, so you can maintain your oral hygiene under just about any conditions. Each Wisp even has a soft pick at the bottom so you can use dislodge any food particles from between teeth when flossing isn’t an option. Oh, and there’s even a built-in tongue scraper. Once you’re done brushing, just toss it and go!

Over 26,000 Amazon shoppers are fans too!
Because good manners and bad breath will get you nowhere.

Ever since using them during that fateful layover, I’ve made sure to always have them packed in my toiletry bag for future trips. While they don't replace brushing, the compact design and effective cleaning power make them perfect for travel and after meals when I don’t have access to a toothbrush. I also keep them in my purse and car too. Even better, they are safe to use on braces and other orthodontics like Invisalign.

I’m not the only one who is a fan, more than 26,000 Amazon shoppers have given them their seal of approval. This one really gave us a mouthful: “I have been packing these for travel for many years! I use them at airports when I don't want to contaminate my regular toothbrush at an airport, or when I am anywhere that I just want to brush my teeth but it's not convenient to have my full toothbrush and paste out, like a busy house with little access to the bathroom. There are lots of them in the pack, so I can use them as needed for a good long time. A must-have for traveling, but I love having them at the office too, for post-lunch use. Highly recommend!”

“I absolutely LOVE these little things," gushed another. |"I keep always make sure I have a pack in my car, at work and one in my travel bag. These are great for a really quick freshening up. If you don't have time or a sink to brush your teeth with, I highly recommend these Wisps. They are a super quick, easy and convenient way to get the lingering taste of lunch out of your mouth.”

Perhaps best of all is their cheap price. You can snag four 24-packs (totaling 96 Wisps!) for just $18 — that’s less than 20 cents a pop! At that price, who wouldn’t want to give them a try?

Over 26,000 Amazon shoppers are fans — that's a lotta formerly funky teeth, gums and tongues freshened.

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